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Since January 2016 Ed’s Garten Bahn brings more life to your G Scale layout. The self driving cars of AutoMobilia offer a lively and realistic look. With a simple cruise around the church or with a complete busy street, AutoMobilia offer a complete new dimension.

The cars drive through the streets using a magnet and a wire in the road. Stopping can be done by almost invisible infrared LEDs in the track. The strong LiPo battery offers a driving time of appr. 4 hours. The build-in Arduino microcomputer warns with sound and light when it’s time for a recharge. A charger is shipped with each car.

You can choose for the standard weatherproof road track or create your streets yourself. Do you own an indoor layout on a wooden table? Just mill a small groove with a Dremel (depth 1 mm), put a drive wire in, fill the groove with putty and paint the surface to your liking and you are set to have a driving car. Do you own an outdoor layout? Use concrete to poor the road and follow the same principle. Don’t forget to paint the road with concrete paint to avoid wear-and-tear by the sharp concrete.

You can always send us your questions (AutoMobilia@edgb.nl). We love to help you!

14-11-2022: Price raise

Due to the ever more expensive raw materilas and electronics, we are forced to raise our prices.

01-07-2020: NEW: Opel Commodore A GS

Soon available: a model of an Opel Commodore A GS.

01-05-2020: CORONA….

Due to the Corona crisis, deliveries may take longer than usual. We ask for your understanding.

25-7-2019 NIEUW: Collision Avoidance Radar

In recent months we have worked hard on new functionality for the AutoMobilia cars. This concerns the installation of a Collision Avoidance Radar. This radar (to be more precise a Lidar) measures the distance from the car to its predecessor and adjusts the speed accordingly. The result: collisions are avoided. Now cars can run consecutively in a traffic jam without the need for control via stop sections.
The Lidar (his big brother is used in self-driving cars from, for example, Google) gives the measured distance to the Arduino microcomputer, after which the driving speed is adjusted. This happens several times per second so that the realized speed change is not abrupt but runs smoothly.
The design of the bottoms of the various cars has been adjusted for the installation of this Lidar and new bottoms have been ordered. In a few weeks the first car models will be available with this exciting new functionality!

More about Lidar can be found here (.PDF)

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