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Traffic light controller – DLD

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Finally there is a perfect control for your traffic lights. This unit offers a secure control of a crossing with AutoMobilia cars. There is a moment on which all lights show red and the cars stop. When the light turns orange the cars will drive tru, but when it is orange for 2 seconds the will stop end when the light turns green the cars will wait a moment before running off. The sequence is based on German traffic lights: green-orange-red-red/orange-green. A Dutch based sequence is available under number 30012. A small print for connecting 2 Stop&Go road tracks is included.

This unit uses a small Arduino computer. It’s been programmed and starts running as soon as the power (max 18 V direct current) is switched on.

A short video of the sequence can be seen here:

Measurements: 56 x 36 x 22 mm
12 connections
Input: maximal 18 V DC
SKU: 30017

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